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Can I use my phone to demonstrate the app on Zoom? (Higher level of experience needed).
Can I use my phone to demonstrate the app on Zoom? (Higher level of experience needed).
Written by Andrea Kross
Updated over a week ago

Yes, you can; but you may want to leave this until you are confident on Zoom. Running a session is more involved than simply attending and you will have a lot on your mind already!

If you are competent and confident in running sessions on Zoom, you may choose to do this in the first session, particularly if you are meeting online, to demonstrate how to use the app to your group.

To use your phone to demonstrate the app while Zooming on your computer (For Partners with experience in running Zoom sessions):

Set up your phone:

· Download the Zoom app to your phone.

· When you use your phone to demonstrate the app, people will be able to see whatever is on your screen. Please make sure that there is nothing on the screen that you do not want to have shared with people. You need to have removed this before you start sharing.

· You may also want to turn on Do Not Disturb in your phone Settings so that you don’t receive any phone calls or pop-up text messages on your screen while you are demonstrating. Just remember to turn this back off when you finish so that you can receive calls and messages again.

Before the meeting:

· Log in to your meeting on your phone app, the same way your participants will when they follow your invitation to join your session. Do not connect to audio or video. If your audio is already on, Mute yourself. Turn off your camera at the bottom of your screen.

Sharing your screen:

· Select Share Content at the bottom of your screen.

· Select Screen from the dropdown menu.

· Select Start Broadcast.

· The screen will count down 3 seconds and then start broadcasting/sharing.

· Click the home button on your phone. You may have to click twice to return to your home screen.

· Once you are back on your home screen, open your Wellness app and start sharing.

· When you are finished demonstrating, return to your phone’s home screen. Touch the red bar at the top of your screen. Click Stop to stop broadcasting.

Don't forget to Leave the group when you finish the session.

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