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How can I run an online session during social isolation?
How can I run an online session during social isolation?
Written by Andrea Kross
Updated over a week ago

Set up a Zoom account:

· There are two different types of Zoom account. A free Zoom account, which has a 40-minute limit, or a Zoom Pro account, which has a 24-hour limit. For best results, you will need a Zoom Pro account. If you don’t have one, many people will borrow one for the program, e.g. by using a church account or a friend’s account.

· When you are running a Zoom account, there is a bar that appears at the bottom of your screen. If you can’t see it, just move your cursor around a bit on the screen and it should appear.

· Noise from participants in the group can become a problem, as they may not realise that they are broadcasting noise to the group. Please make participants aware of the Mute button and how to use it. The Mute button is on the bar in the bottom left corner of the computer or app screen:

If you are using a free zoom session with a 40-minute limit:

· You may want to get everyone to watch the video first on their app or website then join your zoom session at a regular set time.

· In this 40-minute time period, you will have enough time to ask how people found the previous week’s challenges, discuss the 3 discussion questions from the video, and encourage everyone to try this week’s daily and weekly challenges.

· Spend some time just chatting, catching up and checking in on each other.

To play the video within a zoom session (requires a Zoom Pro account):

· Open the video link so that it is ready before opening your zoom meeting

· Make sure people can see themselves and others in the group in small boxes on the side - if you want to see each other. These will stay visible while the video is playing.

· Once everyone is ready:

o Start the video from the link. Share Screen immediately after.

o You will be able to pause and restart the video to allow you to facilitate discussion about the set questions without losing sight of your group.

o When the video finishes, you can Stop Share Screen and just talk to your group.

· Make sure you spend some time chatting, catching up and checking in on each other.

Tip to improve the quality of your video:

· Hover your cursor over the control bar at the top of your screen. A longer bar will appear.

· Click on More… A dropdown menu will appear.

· Click Optimise Video and Share Sound

· You will still get a bit of lag in the video sound, but this will make it better.

To use your phone to demonstrate the app when you are Zooming on your computer (For Partners with experience in running Zoom sessions):

· You may want to leave this until you are confident on Zoom. Running a session is more involved than simply attending and you will have a lot on your mind already!

· If you are competent and confident in running sessions on Zoom, you may choose to do this in the first session, particularly if you are meeting online, to demonstrate how to use the app to your group.

· Download the Zoom app to your phone.

· When you use your phone to demonstrate the app, people will be able to see whatever is on your screen. Please make sure that there is nothing on the screen that you do not want to have shared with people. You need to have removed this before you start sharing.

· You may also want to turn on Do Not Disturb in your phone Settings so that you don’t receive any phone calls or pop-up text messages on your screen while you are demonstrating. Just remember to turn this back off when you finish so that you can receive calls and messages again.

On your computer:

· Start your Zoom session early so that you have time to get set up before people log on.

· At the bottom of your computer screen, click on the little arrow next to Share Screen

· Click Advanced Sharing Options

· Who can share? Click All Participants

On your mobile phone:

· Log in to your meeting on your phone app, the same way your participants will when they follow your invitation to join your session. Do not connect to audio or video.

· Alternatively, you can click on Join a Meeting

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