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How do I invite people to a closed group?
How do I invite people to a closed group?
Written by Andrea Kross
Updated over a week ago

To invite people to join a closed group:

· In the Partner Centre, click on your event, then the Participants tab

· Click on Add Participant. Enter their details. You will need their first and last names, email address and country. Click on Add.

· To add a list of names, click on Import. You will need to have your list of names in a csv format. Click on Upload File, select the csv file and select Choose. Click on Import. Your list of names will be added.

· Once you add a name/s, Email Invites will change from grey to yellow. Click on Email Invites to send out all invitations. The button will then return to grey.

· You will see a list of all the people you have invited. Once they sign up to your group, their Status will change from Invited to Joined.

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