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What features are available in the Partner Centre?
What features are available in the Partner Centre?
Written by Andrea Kross
Updated over a week ago

When you open up the Partner Centre, you will automatically be able to see any events that you have created. Click on the event you are interested in and you will be taken into the information screen for that event. A number of tabs are available for you to find extra information about your group. The tabs are listed below:

· Overview – This tab provides information on the Event ID, Course type, Delivery method, Privacy level and Start date.

· 7 Dimensions – This tab only lists people who have actually signed up for your event. It provides: their name, email address, mobile number (if they have shared it), number of snapshots/questionnaires completed, and the dates of the last two snapshots completed. This tab is useful not only to see how many people have signed up, but also to help troubleshoot any problems with signing up. If someone has signed up to join your event but can’t access the videos, you can check here to see if they have completed their questionnaire first. A questionnaire must be completed before starting most programs and needs to be done within 14 days of the start date.

· Resources – This tab allows you to view and/or download all resources required to run your event.

· Participants – This tab is necessary to create and invite people to a closed event or to email invitations to people you would like to invite to a private or public event. It also allows you to see who has been invited or joined your group.

· On-Boarding – This tab allows you to identify what stage people are in in the sign-up process and to communicate with them by email, either individually or as a group.

· Participation – This tab allows you to see whether people are engaging in the program.

· Insights – This tab allows you to see whether people are engaging in the challenges, but only as a group/block

· Session Dates – This tab allows you to pause your group if you need to, e.g. over school holidays.

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