Once you are in the Partner Centre:

· Click on Create an Event. The programs you have permissions for will appear. You will only receive permission for a program once you have completed training for that specific program.

· Select the program you are wanting to run, e.g. Live More Project. The Event Details page will open.

· Choose an Event Title for your group. It is important to choose your title carefully. Please keep in mind that your title will be followed by the name of the group when emails are sent out to Participants, e.g. Aitutaki Outriggers Live More Project. If you have chosen to create a public group, your title will also stand alone when advertised on the program wall, e.g. Aitutaki Outriggers will appear alone below a Live More Project icon.

· Select Delivery Method. Either on Location or Online.

· Select Event Privacy. Click on the level of privacy you require. It is important to understand each level of privacy. The 3 levels of privacy are:

1. Closed. This privacy level offers complete control over who is in your group. The only way a participant can join a closed group is by receiving and accepting an invitation by email. This level of privacy is good for school groups, family groups, corporate/staff groups or any groups with minors in them.

2. Private. This privacy level has a moderate level of control over who is in your group. Anyone who has the Event ID code for your event can join your group. This is useful for Partners who want to advertise to a relatively contained group of people, but still want to allow other friends and community members to join. It allows Partners to advertise events, e.g. through newsletters or social media targeting specific communities, while minimising likelihood of attracting people unrelated to the group. This level of privacy is good for parent groups, churches, community groups, small towns or small businesses hoping to expand their networks.

3. Public. This privacy level has the least control over who is in your group. Anyone who signs onto the ELIA Wellness app and looks for a group to join can see your group and join it. This level of privacy is good if you just want to get as many people as you can into your group and you don’t mind who is in it. It is also the setting used for unfacilitated groups set up by ELIA Wellness.

· If you are running an Online event:

1. Enter Schedule Date, Schedule Time and Finish Time. Choose the date and time you wish to start your program.

· If you are running an Event On Location:

1. Enter Schedule Date, Schedule Time and Finish Time. Choose the date and time you wish to start your program.

2. Location Address. Enter the address for your venue. The address will appear beneath the text bar. Selecting the correct address will allow a map for your venue to appear on your invitation.

3. Information Night. While not compulsory, this is recommended to allow people time to find out about the program, ask questions and fill out pre-program questionnaires.

4. Enter Schedule Date, Start Time and Finish Time for the information session. Enter the Venue Name and Location Address.

· Click on Next

· Payment Structure. The two levels of payment are:

1. Full Payment - You. If you select this option, you will be responsible for paying the costs of all members attending your event. A bill will be sent to you based on the number of people attending once you have started running the program. Examples of Partners who may select this option include employers running events for their staff, schools running events for senior students or community groups running events for their members.

2. Full Payment - Participant. If you select this option, the responsibility for payment shifts to the participant. Participants will have to complete payment on the app or website when joining your event. This is the most common option chosen, and the one which you should use now to get in the habit of doing so.

· Check the amounts owed by yourself and the participant are correct. Click on Save.

· Your newly-created group will now appear so you can check all the details are correct and discover your Event ID. If you have created a Live More Project event, the Event ID will look something like this: LMP-1234

· Click Save. You have now set up your group.

· When you have made any adjustments and are ready to post it online, press Publish.

· Once you have published your group, you will be able to generate a QR code for your group to use in advertising.

· Your QR code will download and you will be able to paste it into your advertising. This is a sample QR code. You will be given a new one for your own group.

· Find out what other information you can see in the Partner Centre.

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