The speaker videos from the ELIA Wellness Lifestyle Medicine Summits are available to purchase at a reduced price for registered attendees to the summit.

If you are an attendee, and would like to watch the videos, then follow these steps.

  • Download the ELIA MyWellness App for either Apple or Android phones.

  • If you do not have a MyWellness account, then create one for free, or login to your existing account. (If you are creating a new account, use the same email you used to register for the summit).

  • On the Home Screen click on the More Icon (three dots) on the top right of the screen.

  • Then select the Completed / Archived item in the list.

  • In this list you will see all the completed ELIA Programs and Events you have participated in, including the Lifestyle Medicine conferences that you attended. (If you do not see them then read the troubleshooting section on this page).

  • Select the conference you wish to see the speaker videos from.

  • On this page there are three options.
    - Read an overview of the summit.
    - View and download your Certificate of attendance.
    - View the media from the summit
    To view the speaker videos, select Media.

  • On the following page you will see the videos that are available. To purchase them, simply select the Buy Now button at the bottom of the page and following the checkout process.

  • Now when you navigate back to the Media section of the Lifestyle Medicine Summit page, all the videos will be available to watch.

How to watch on a bigger screen::
If you have a TV that accepts video streaming from a mobile phone, you can stream the videos and watch on your television.

If you log into the App and cannot see the conferences in the Completed section, then it is possible that your MyWellness account email is different to the email you used to register for the Summit. To view the videos the email's must be the same. To resolve this issue, please contact us directly, and we will update the email used for your summit registration, so the content becomes activated in the App

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